Monthly Archives: May 2018

Kiss, bow or shake hands? Getting the international culture correctly – LOB 020

Kiss, bow or shake hands? The appropriate hello depends on where you are. Learn how to play nicely in the international sandbox. Translating Korean into Norwegian…and getting it right. From the Netherlands to New Hampshire…not getting lost in translation. Greg Stoller‘s guests are Wendy Pease, Owner/Executive Director of Rapport International; Lance Shaw, Director of Product Marketing at Commvault; Kaarina Kvaavik, Managing Partner of Language I/O; Lucia Kash, Director of Business Development at Language I/O. The episode title comes from the book by Terry Morrison: Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands.

Decoding the ABC’s of finance – LOB 019

How do you fund your next startup? Venture Capital or Private Equity? A bank loan? What does a hedge fund do? What about a mutual fund? Large Cap, Small Cap, VC, PE, IPO, ROE, CMO…the ABC’s of finance are decoded. Greg Stoller interviews Christopher Hennessey, Associate Professor of Law at Babson College; Steve Segal, Founding Partner at JW Childs Associates; Larry Gennari, Partner at Gennari, Aronson; Barry Sloane, President & CEO of Century Bank.

Consumer focused marketing – LOB 018

The difference between being a trusted advisor and a service provider. The men’s deodorant marketing that failed, and the woman in a power Ninja pose that helped make a blender a huge success. How to keep your customers interested when you’re marketing outlet covers. Consumer-focused marketing.

The Language of Business looks at consumer-based marketing. Host Greg Stoller interviews Wendy Carr of Carr Marketing Strategy; George O’Shea, Strategic Consultant at Hyperwave Technologies; Al Peckham of LectraLock.


Re-branding. Wayfair. ZipCar. Radio on the weekend. 130 year-old firefighter gear – LOB 017

Re-branding everything from ZipCar to Wayfair to weekends on the radio. Re-branding digital medical records so they are more accessible. Re-branding 130 year-old protective firefighting gear as athletic wear for firefighters. Greg Stoller talks with logo specialist Melanie Lowe, owner of Power M Space Design; John Garabedian, Hall-of-Fame radio Talent and owner of CodCom Broadcasting; John Gobron, President of Aventura Awareness Computing; Rob Freese, Senior VP Marketing, Global Manufacturing, makers of protective firefighting gear for 130 years.


Jerry McGuire, anyone? Sports agents, naming rights and marketing your dreams all the way to China – LOB 016

Is like being a sports agent like Jerry McGuire? Naming rights at a sports venue. What does it really cost? What kind of results are sponsors at sports venues really looking for? A marketing consultant to companies sponsoring worldwide sports events explains what it’s really all about. How one local boy wound up running a sports marketing group in China despite having a Boston accent and not speaking Chinese. Greg Stoller’s guests are Joe Rosen, Managing member of Orpheus Sports and Entertainment; Jay Fee, Partner at Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough; Dave Mingey, President of Glideslope; Tom McCarthy, CEO of Beijing International Group.