Monthly Archives: October 2018

Art in Business – LOB 041

A gallery that sells art…but also gives 50% to charity. An Emmy-winning graphic artist decides to become an artist. Which wins – passion or income? If you’re an artist making money…who handles the paperwork? When cake making becomes an art form.

The Language of Business looks at art in business. Greg Stoller talks with Elaine Markoff, Founder of Art in Giving; Joanne Kaliontz, Graphic Designer of Studio51 Design; Jim Grace, Executive Director, Arts and Busines Council of Greater Boston; Paula Kirrane, Owner, The Icing on The Cake.

The business of medical devices – LOB 039

Medical devices – not making them, buying and selling them. How does a knee replacement work? And who makes it? Growing a body part from your own body. It’s called regenerative medicine. Plus, how doctors can check your  cardiac rhythm on the cloud.

The Language of Business takes a deep dive into the world of medical devices. Greg Stoller talks with Nancy Briefs, CEO of InfoBionic; Bruce Blessington, medical device company executive; Jonathan Lieber, CFO of Histogenics; William Edelman, medical device executive.


The business of dentistry – LOB 038

Taking pride in watching your best customer throw away your best product. When a dentist is designing a new office…who decides how to fill the cavity of space? The demographics of dentistry are changing: 50% of students entering dental school are female. Planning 5 years ahead for the well-being of your dentist…and your teeth. Getting your teeth cleaned sonically in only 30 seconds.

The Language of Business drills down into the business of dentistry. Greg Stoller talks with Paul Paisner, President of Door to Door Dental; Eddie Coppelman, President of C Square Construction; Ray Martin, President of the Massachusetts Dental Society; Jeffrey Lowenstein, Orthodontist and Massachusetts Dental Society Board Trustee; Oliver Chu, Founder of uSonik Inc.


Angel investing – LOB 037

The MLB Playoffs are here. Predict the outcome of every at-bat online, and don’t pay anything to play. Does 10% success mean getting 1 out of 10 right, or getting 10 out of 100 right? How does an Angel Investor find you? You go looking, that’s how. Solving a 60 year-old cocktail party problem: keeping background noises out and the conversation easy to hear.

The Language of Business looks up to learn about Amgel Investing. Greg Stoller talks with David Caruso (no, not the CSI: Miami guy), COO of Fanzcall Media; Ben Littauer, management consultant and Angel Investor; Gus Lawlor, Managing director of HealthCare Ventures; Kevin Short, CTO and Jochen Meissner, CEO of Setem Technologies