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Psychodrama…helping young people deal – LOB 110

Psychodrama at Lesley University

How a college professor teaching psychodrama helps psychiatrists. And how an attorney switched gears studied psychodrama and started a company that helps young people deal.

The Language of Business travels to Lesley University in Cambridge to learn about teaching psychodrama with Ed Schreiber. Then we head to Needham, Mass and hear how Carol Bass quit her job as an attorney, studied psychodrama with Dr. Ed Schreiber and started Social Dynamix to help young people deal with social issues.

Dr. Ed Schreiber and Host Greg Stoller.

Social Dynamix founder Carol Bass and Host Greg Stoller.


Helping people with autism graduate, go to college and get a job – LOB 109

85% of people with autism are unemployed. But an organization on the South Coast of Massachusetts is doing something about it. The Language of Business¬†travels to Fall River to learn about the Spectrum Empowerment Project, where young people with Autism can learn karate, develop theatre skills and participate in Youth Musical Theatre Group productions such as “Annie,” earn a college certificate from the Bristol Community College Gottschall Access Program and get a job designing and making custom t-shirts, banners and logos. Host Greg Stoller talks with co-founders Pamela Ferro and Donald Lambert about the non-profit and for-profit arms of the organization and how they can train and eventually hire people with autism.

Host Gregory Stoller

Spectrum Empowerment Project co-founders Pamela Ferro and Donald Lambert.
Photo credit: Fall River Herald News.