Monthly Archives: March 2018

Using Consultants – LOB 011

They say a consultant is like a seagull. They fly in, eat something, poop all over everyone, then fly out. But consultants can be invaluable to a wide range of businesses. Greg Stoller talks with the consultant who saved the airline industry, with a specialist in recruitment, a consultant who can fix your computer from his home, and a specialist in making the plans for the big party into a turnkey operation. Guests are John Thomas of LEK Consulting, Julie Marcus of Information & Marketing Intelligence, Sean Sanker of Bay State IT, Adam Averback of Part Excitement Entertainment.

When to sell: Now? Later? Ever? – LOB – 010

With a new business, it’s always a struggle at first. Then you succeed. How do you know when it’s time to sell? Now? Down the road? Never?

The Language of Business looks at exit strategies. Host Greg Stoller talks with four experts on building a company and considering an exit strategy. Guests are CEO for Emerging Growth Companies John Lieber, Furquan Nazeeri of ExtensionEngine LLP, Robb May of Backupify and Ryan Trager of Achvr.


Risk Assessment – LOB 009

Every business deals with a certain amount of risk. How do venture capitalists really think about risk…and how they look at it from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Do analysts and investors feel the same about risk? How much do you tell your investor about the risk? How do people in the energy industry deal with risk? Do analysts and investors react the same way when it comes to risk? Do venture capital investors worry about your competition?

The Language of Business looks at risk assessment. Host Greg Stoller talks with Bill Contente, Partner at Gesmer Updegrove LLP; Christopher Mirabile, Co-Managing Director of LaunchPad Venture Group; Bob Goodoff, Principal of Sea View Global Advisors, LLC

Entrepreneur looking for an investor – LOB 008

You’re an entrepreneur looking for an investor. Do you go Angel, PE or VC? How does a family-owned small business wind up acting like a bank? The Langauge of Business looks at where entrepreneurs look for an investor. Host Greg Stoller talks with Venture Capitalist Don Nelson, Managing Director, Harken Capital Securities, about the size of return he’s looking for; Ben Littauer, Angel Investor, who also is a mentor to entrepreneurs and discusses the kind of return he expects; Dan Weller of Weller Carpets, a three-generation family-owned small business that acts like a bank to control cash flow.