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Newfangled businesses – LOB 083

A newfangled way to help Fortune 500 companies find success: Hourly Nerd. The name didn’t work, but the idea exploded. Plus, wine that tastes great and helps save oysters. And sea turtles. And bees.

The Language of Business looks at newfangled businesses. Host Greg Stoller talks with Pat Petitti, co-founder of Catalant Technologies, business agility software that works. Also Brian Thurber, co-founder of Proud Pour, dedicated to making your happy hours more celebratory.

Pat Petitti of Catalant with Greg Stoller

Brian Thurber of Proud Pour with Greg Stoller.


Lying, cheating, stealing in business – LOB 082

Why do people lie, steal and cheat in business? Because everyone’s doing it? Because they think they can get away with it?

In part one of The Language of Business two-part look at business ethics, host Greg Stoller interviews John Llodra, former Enron employee and current Managing Partner at New Harbor Financial Group and Kabrina Krebel Chang, Business Ethics professor at Boston University Questrom School of Business.

Language of Business Host Gregory Stoller

John Llodra, former Enron employee

Kabrina Krebel Chang, BU Ethics professor


A fresh approach to solve an old problem: outsource everything – LOB 081

A fresh approach to solving an old business problem: Outsource everything you can.

This is Part One of The Language of Business look at businesses that take a new approach to solve old business problems. Host Greg Stoller talks with Steve Schultz Director of Franchise Development at Supportng Strategies and Mark Landgren, CEO of The Nexxus Group.

Host Greg Stoller

Steve Schultz, Director of Franchise Development, Supporting Strategies

Mark Landgren, CEO, The Nexxus Group


The MassChallenge 2019 Cohort – LOB 080

The MassChallenge 2019 Cohort is in high gear. The Language of Business visits MassChallenge to meet with three of the 104 teams in the competition and gets insight from the Managing Director on what a cohort is.

Host Greg Stoller talks with Dan Wexler, Executive Director of Eatwell Meal Kits; Tony Liu, Co-founder of JobGet; Eric Kanagy, CEO of SimpleSense, and Cait Brumme, the new Managing Director of MassChallenge Boston.

Our sponsor is Boston University Questrom School of Business – creating value for the world<b?.


Really know your customer – LOB 079

You’re an entrepreneur working on the plan for your new business. Make sure you know as much as you can about your customer. Are you marketing in the right places? Do you change your plans on the fly,…or trust your gut?

The Language of Business host Greg Stoller talks with three experts on starting a new business: Lisa Tanzer, Marketing Director of Life Is Good; Sarah Fay, Media Advisor to Adaptive Intelligence; Drew Hannah, CEO of RBM Technologies.

Host Greg Stoller

Lisa Tanner

Sarah Fay

Drew Hannah

Back of the napkin? – LOB 078

When planning a startup, do you need a full-fledged 50-page written Business Plan…or will a “back of the napkin” approach work just as well? The language of Business host Greg Stoller talks with three entrepreneurs and gets three different takes on the need for a Business Plan from Tony Solomons, President of Ideal Marketing Group; Jeff Hulton, entrepreneur, and Digital Artist; Cindy Brown, CEO of Boston Duck Tours.

Host Greg Stoller

Tony Solomons

Jeff Hulton

Cindy Brown


Doing business in China…it’s all about the government – LOB 077

Business development in China is different from doing business in the US. So is business consulting. And asset evaluation. It’s all about government control.

The Language of Business travels to Beijing. Host Greg Stoller talks with Jian Min Sun, Chair of Pan China Asset Appraisal; Josie Zhang, Sr. Consultant at China Consultants of Accounting and Finance; Da Xian Gu, a private investor in Beijing.

Women taking over dentistry – LOB 076

The demographics of dentistry are changing: 50% of students entering dental school are female. Watching your best customer throw away your best product. And enjoying it. When a dentist is designing a new office…who decides how to fill the cavity of space? Planning 5 years ahead for the well-being of your dentist…and your teeth.

The Language of Business drills down into the business of dentistry. Greg Stoller talks with Paul Paisner, President of Door to Door Dental; Eddie Coppelman, President of C Square Construction; Ray Martin, President of the Massachusetts Dental Society; Jeffrey Lowenstein, Orthodontist and Massachusetts Dental Society Board Trustee.


48 in 48 coming back to Boston – LOB 075

The Language of Business looks at 48 in 48: a nonprofit that works to build websites for local nonprofits. Lots of them. In fact, they come to a market and build 48 web sites in 48 hours. They started in Atlanta, and they’re now in 8 cities across the USA, plus London. 48 in 48 returns to Boston this coming October 25-27.

Greg Stoller talks with 48 in 48 Executive Director Carole Williams; 48 in 48 Co-Founder and sponsor Adam Walker; Karley Ausiello, Sr. VP of Community Impact at the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley.

Greg Stoller

Carole Williams

Adam Walker

Karley Ausiello


How big is your digital stack? – LOB 074

How big is your digital stack? What do people say about you when you leave the room? Finding the special “P1” customer. What are nonprofits willing to pay you when you give them ROI? The difference between regular marketing and digital marketing.

The Language of Business looks at digital marketing.  Greg Stoller talks with Anita Breardon, Co-founder of Cabinet M; Dan Sullivan, CEO of Crowdley; Julia Campbell, CEO of JC Social Marketing;