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Teaching resources, Seaweed – LOB 311

It’s a labor of love when a woman conceives and founds a company not based on making money, but on a mission they’re passionate about. What happens then?

The Language of Business Podcast looks at two completely different startups run by women and the impressive contributions they make. Host Greg Stoller talks with Sarah Bernadette Ottow, Founder and CEO of Confianza, a mission-driven, woman-owned small business working to break down silos and elevate the voices of those who are historically not heard and to help non-profit missions committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. And Ann Ruddy, CEO of Red Rose Developments about the amazing powers and potential of seaweed.

Host Greg Stoller

Sarah Bernadette Ottow

Ann Ruddy

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Starting from scratch – LOB 025

At first, it wasn’t working. Then a web site reboot quadrupled the business. Managing a lawsuit on the cloud…when you’re not even a lawyer. Video games that are fun for your kids, and help them stay healthy. You’re ready to say, “let’s do this” for your weekend pickup game…but you don’t have a gym to use. Here’s someone to call. The Language of Business Podcast looks at businesses starting from scratch. Greg Stoller’s guests are Jeannine O’Neil, Founder of JO Social Branding; Cash Butler, CEO of Clarilegal; Nikita Virani, CEO of Wizdy; Michael Scheffler, CEO of Spaces to Go.