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Cannabusiness Part Two – LOB 106

A Private Equity investor decides the place to invest is in cannabis. So they open a dispensary in Rhode Island and we’ll check it out. Then we go to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to get the legal lowdown from the guy in the corner office.

In Part 2 of The Language of Business look at “cannabuinesss”…host Greg Stoller talks with Jeremy Bromberg, COO of CanWell LLC and Steven Hoffman, Chairman of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

Host Greg Stoller

Jeremy Bromberg, COO, CanWell LLC

Steven Hoffman, Chairman, Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission


Yes we can cannabis – LOB 105

You have a license for a cannabis dispensary. What did that take? What do you do with it? How do your customers know your product is safe?

The Language of Business takes a toke on the cannabis business. The cannibusiness?? In part one of this two-part episode, Host Greg Stoller talks with Mark Zatyrka, CEO of INSA Marijuana Dispensary and Marion McNabb, CEO of C3RN Cannabis Community Care and Research Network.

Host Greg Stoller

Mark Zatyrka, CEO, INSA

Marion McNabb, CEO, Cannabis Community Care Research Network


Newfangled businesses – LOB 104

A newfangled way to help Fortune 500 companies find success: Hourly Nerd. The name didn’t work, but the idea exploded. Plus, wine that tastes great and helps save oysters. And sea turtles. And bees.

The Language of Business looks at newfangled businesses. Host Greg Stoller talks with Pat Petitti, co-founder of Catalant Technologies, business agility software that works. Also Brian Thurber, co-founder of Proud Pour, dedicated to making your happy hours more celebratory.

Pat Petitti of Catalant with Greg Stoller

Brian Thurber of Proud Pour with Greg Stoller.


Lying, cheating, stealing in business – LOB 103

Why do people lie, steal and cheat in business? Because everyone’s doing it? Because they think they can get away with it?

In part one of The Language of Business two-part look at business ethics, host Greg Stoller interviews John Llodra, former Enron employee and current Managing Partner at New Harbor Financial Group and Kabrina Krebel Chang, Business Ethics professor at Boston University Questrom School of Business.

Language of Business Host Gregory Stoller

John Llodra, former Enron employee

Kabrina Krebel Chang, BU Ethics professor