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International sales…tips on building your team – LOB 049

The world is a huge marketplace. On this episode, The Language of Busines looks at how to get and keep customers in Asia, England and around the world.

Host Greg Stoller talks with Japanese entrepreneur Kumi Inoue, CEO of Here and Now, Inc., who consults Americans on how to conduct business there; International seles representative Robert Masland, an American businessman outsourcing work overseas with ideas on how to really make that work; Alan Lunder, CEO of Black Diamond Group, who consults overseas companies on how to do business in the US.

Host Greg Stoller

Kumi Inoue

Robert Masland

Allan Lunder

A-rated team pitching B-rated idea vs. A-rated idea pitched by B-rated team – LOB 048

The Language of Business looks at why investors prefer a B-rated idea pitched by an A-rated team over an A-rated idea pitched by a B-rated team. Finding your team and measuring their success. Plus, ways to motivate your employees from C-level to staff and how to make your email campaigns more effective by going one-to-one.

Greg Stoller talks with John Murphy, Venture Capitalist at Point Judith Capital about choosing the right people for your team; Allesandra DeVaca, Chief Administrative Officer at Hebrew Senior Life about motivating employees and effecting changes that are someone else’s idea; Matthew Bellows, CEO of Yesware.

Greg Stoller, Host

John Murphy

Alessandra DeVaca

Matthew Bellows

Be like Google and know all about your customer – LOB 047

You’re an entrepreneur working on the plan for your new business. Make sure you know as much as you can about your customer. Google sure does that. Are you marketing in the right places? Do you change your plans on the fly,…or trust your gut?

The Language of Business host Greg Stoller talks with three experts on starting a new business: Lisa Tanzer, Marketing Director of Life Is Good; Sarah Fay, Media Advisor to Adaptive Intelligence; Drew Hannah, CEO of RBM Technologies.

Host Greg Stoller

Lisa Tanner

Sarah Fay

Drew Hannah

Write your business plan. But first, test your pitch – LOB 046

You’re an entrepreneur ready to start pitching your new business…but first, you need to write your business plan. Oh, yes…you also need to do a competitive analysis.  The Language of Business host Greg Stoller talks with three experts on planning and marketing a new business: John Francis, CEO of Test My Pitch; Patricia Gray, Principal at PA Gray Law; Leo Brea, Executive Director of Veconinter.

Host Greg Stoller

John Francis

Patricia Gray

Leo Brea