Monthly Archives: September 2018

Multigeneration family-owned business – LOB 036

How do you get the kids to join your multigeneration family-owned business when it’s not a business they’d necessarily be thinking about as a career? Like a folding box company. A 1904 bicycle parts company that now makes air-cooled engines. A printed circuit board company that turned into a spa. Imagine going to work and making flattened radiator fins.

Greg Stoller talks with Anthony DiRico of Hub Folding Box Company; Michelle Boissoneau-DuPont of Lake Opechee Inn and Spa; John Stephenson of WJ Connell; Ted Stikeleather of IBC Corporation as the Language of Business looks at family-owned businesses.

Language of Business visits France – LOB 035

The Language of Business travels to France to look at the business climate there. Greg Stoller talks with Bruno Sejourne, Director of ESEMAP; Catherine Deffains-Crapsky, Associate Professor of Finance; Louis-Matar Gueye, student…all at the University of Angers.



MassChallenge – LOB 034

The Language of Business takes a deep dive into the world of MassChallenge, the job creation engine in Boston that became an incubator, then an accelerator. Then went global.

You’ve heard about autonomous cars…what about autonomous boats? Ever find yourself agreeing to split the cost of something…but never collecting the other half? There’s an easy solution. What’s the key to success: being smart, being lucky, or mentorship? Greg Stoller talks with Mike LaRhette, President of MassChallenge; Scott Bailey, Managimg Director of MassChallenge Boston; Alex Lorman, CTO of Sea Machines; Michael Sattler, President of Splitzee; Michael Gresty, CEO of Rifiniti, Inc.

Using PR firms – LOB 033

The Language of Business looks at using PR firms. Can doing your own public relations on social media work? In the middle of a business crisis, what do you do first? How quickly do you have to react? What if the story is fake news? How quickly do people forgive you when you tell the truth about a mistake? On this episode Greg Stoller talks with Brett Carney, CEO of Carney Communications; Janey Bishoff, CEO of Bishoff Communications; John Houle, CEO of JH Communications.