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A business in the family for generations. Nothing like a startup – LOB 072

A business that’s been in the family for generations is a lot different than a startup.  One acts like a bank to control cash flow. When it’s not the career they’re dreaming about…how do you talk the kids into joining the business? The company that’s been distilling liquor in Boston since the 21st amendment passed.

Greg Stoller talks with Dan Weller of Weller Carpets; Anthony DiRico of Hub Folding Box Company; Scott Allen of MS Walker Distributors in Somerville.

Multigeneration family-owned business – LOB 036

How do you get the kids to join your multigeneration family-owned business when it’s not a business they’d necessarily be thinking about as a career? Like a folding box company. A 1904 bicycle parts company that now makes air-cooled engines. A printed circuit board company that turned into a spa. Imagine going to work and making flattened radiator fins.

Greg Stoller talks with Anthony DiRico of Hub Folding Box Company; Michelle Boissoneau-DuPont of Lake Opechee Inn and Spa; John Stephenson of WJ Connell; Ted Stikeleather of IBC Corporation as the Language of Business looks at family-owned businesses.