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Marketing mistakes…umm, let’s fix that – LOB 058

When your brilliant marketing campaign isn’t working…you sit down and say, “Umm, let’s fix that.”  The Language of Business looks at re-branding CSN Stores into Wayfair, fixing the ZipCar logo, the air freshener nobody wanted to buy, the women’s deodorant packing you’d never get away with today, and turning a dumb crockpot into a smart crockpot.

Host Greg Stoller talks with Melanie Lowe, Owner of M Space Design; Chuck Stravin, CEO of Mesa Home Products; George O’Shea, Strategic Consultant at Hyperwave Technologies.

Your elevator pitch…did you test it first? – LOB 057

You’ve got an elevator pitch. Before you step in that elevator, make sure your pitch is on point. By testing it. There are often cultural gaps in business communication, but there are experts who can help you bridge those gaps. And how would you rate your listening skills?

In this episode, The Language of Business takes a deep dive into business communication. Host Greg Stoller talks with Bill Kenney, CEO of Test My Pitch and; Marjorie Whittaker, Founder of The Whittaker Group; Melanie Calzetti-Spahr, of Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative.


Network, network, network – LOB 056

Everyone will tell you: when you’re starting a new business, you absolutely need to network, network, network. Why? What’s the best way? What can you get out of it?

In this episode, The Language of Business takes a deep dive into networking. Host Greg Stoller talks with four experts with varied expertise: Diane Darling, one of the original networkers featured in the Wall Street Journal; Steve Snyder of Gesmer Updegrove, LLP; Juliette Mayers, CEO of Inspiration Zone; Henry Mittelman of Unstuck Solution and self-described un-networker and author of “Unstuck for Good”, available on

Diane Darling

Steve Snyder

Juliette Mayers

Henry Mittelman


Are seagulls like consultants? – LOB 055

Seagulls. They fly in, eat something, poop all over everybody, then fly out. A consultant can seem like a seagull…but a good one can be very beneficial to your business.

On this episode, The Language of Business looks at using consultants. Host Greg Stoller talks with John Thomas, Managing Director of L.E.K. Consulting and the man who gave us airline baggage fees; Julie Marcus, of Talent Acquisition/Executive Search; Sean Sanker, CEO of Bay State IT.