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For-profit vs. non-profit business…are challenges similar? – LOB 310

Running a for-profit business has obvious challenges in any economy, but especially so in 2022. How different is it for a non-profit?

The Language of Business Podcast looks at the similar challenges. Host Greg Stoller talks with Charley Cummings, CEO at Walden Mutual Bank and expert in both for-profit and nonprofit businesses. Then we learn about nonprofit challenges from Asjah Monroe, Cultural Researcher at Serial Empath and Founder of Small House Inc. homeless shelter in Boston.

Host Greg Stoller

Charley Cummings

Asjah Monroe


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E-commerce secrets…Amazon vs. Google – LOB 309

I want to make money through e-commerce. But what are the tricks that Amazon uses? And what about Google?

The Language of Business Podcast looks at the secrets behind a successful e-commerce store on Amazon and on Google. Host Greg Stoller gets some insights on how the Amazon algorithm works from Jason Boyce, CEO of Avenue 7 Media, a partner in profitable Amazon growth, but not an Amazon partner. Plus, Jen Seregos, e-commerce expert and Owner of Athena Digital, helping grow online businesses.

Host Greg Stoller

Jason Boyce

Jen Seregos

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