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Entrepreneurs dealing with lawyers…how to come out on top – LOB 007

Lawyers. There are a lot of strong opinions about them. And a lot of jokes. The Language of Business looks at small businesses dealing with lawyers.

Host Greg Stoller talks with Emily Taylor, Attorney at Latham and Watkins, a specialist who helps a startup get it right; Gene Barton, Partner at Pepper Hamilton, LLP, who understands what makes entrepreneurs tick; Chris Robinson, Partner at Seyfarth Shaw and member of the National Whistleblowers Group, who knows how a company will handle a whistleblower; Julio Gomez, General Manager of Attivio Financial Services, who shares ideas on how an entrepreneur can deal effectively with a lawyer.


The last three feet. How to hire the right people. How to be the right person to get the job. – LOB 006

The Language of Business looks at The Last Three Feet. That’s the distance between front-line employees and the customer. Managers often don’t get that close. Hiring the right people is key to making your business work, whether it’s a turnaround, a startup, or an expansion.

Host Greg Stoller, Harvard Business School graduate and Senior Lecturer at Boston University Questrom School of Business interviews Craig Sanders, Managing Director of C-level Interim Executives, who knows how to find the right people, and what the right people need to do to get the job; Paul Laskow of Save Energy Systems, a customer relations specialist who teachers managers about the last three feet; Jody Mendoza, owner of Mojito’s Latin Lounge and Nightclub in Boston. Her successful business expanded into a new and different venture. What were the challenges?

Host Greg Stoller

Craig Sanders

Paul Laskow

Jody Mendoza


Building an international sales team – LOB 005

The world is a huge marketplace. On this episode, The Language of Busines looks at how to get and keep customers in Asia, England and around the world.

Host Greg Stoller talks with Japanese entrepreneur Kumi Inoue, CEO of Here and Now, Inc., who consults Americans on how to conduct business there; International seles representative Robert Masland, an American businessman outsourcing work overseas with ideas on how to really make that work; Alan Lunder, CEO of Black Diamond Group, who consults overseas companies on how to do business in the US.

Host Greg Stoller

Kumi Inoue

Robert Masland

Allan Lunder


Building and motivating your team – LOB 004

You’re planning that new startup. How do you build a strong management team? How do you measure their success? How do you convince investors that you have the right idea and the right people?

In this episode of The Language of Business, host Greg Stoller talks with John Murphy, Venture Capitalist at Point Judith Capital about what investors are looking for in a management team: an A-rated management team with a B-rated venture, not an A-rated venture with a B-rated management team. Plus, we’ll get insights from Allesandra DeVaca, Chief Administrative Officer at Hebrew Senior Life about how to motivate employees from the C level to support staff, and Matthew Bellows, CEO of Yesware an IT specialist with software that can help your sales team make more money.

Host Greg Stoller

John Murphy

Alessandra DeVaca

Matthew Bellows