The last three feet. How to hire the right people. How to be the right person to get the job. – LOB 006

The Language of Business looks at The Last Three Feet. That’s the distance between front-line employees and the customer. Managers often don’t get that close. Hiring the right people is key to making your business work, whether it’s a turnaround, a startup, or an expansion.

Host Greg Stoller, Harvard Business School graduate and Senior Lecturer at Boston University Questrom School of Business interviews Craig Sanders, Managing Director of C-level Interim Executives, who knows how to find the right people, and what the right people need to do to get the job; Paul Laskow of Save Energy Systems, a customer relations specialist who teachers managers about the last three feet; Jody Mendoza, owner of Mojito’s Latin Lounge and Nightclub in Boston. Her successful business expanded into a new and different venture. What were the challenges?

Host Greg Stoller

Craig Sanders

Paul Laskow

Jody Mendoza