Restaurant profitability – LOB 030

50% of new restaurants wind up closing. That also means 50% succeed and stay open. The Language of Business looks at four different restaurants – a national chain, a mom and pop shop, a place two high school friends opened in the middle of the great recession, and a fine dining spot run by someone who’d rather be carving a pig than checking the books. These interviews were done a couple of years ago for the TV version of The Language of Business. Of these four restaurants, two are still open. Can you guess which two?

Greg Stoller talks with Rafael Barbosa, CFO of Fire + Ice in Boston, Anaheim and Lake Tahoe CA; Steve and Karen Waller, Co-Owners of Center Cafe in Needham, MA; John Akar and Gregg Sessler, Co-Owners of Cava Tapas and Wine Bar in Portsmouth NH; Jeffrey Fournier, Chef and Owner of 51 Lincoln in Newton MA.


Disruptive technologies – LOB 029

smartphone case you can customize every day. September 1st is the biggest move-in day of the year – here’s an easy way to find that new apartment. A household cleaning agent that’s 10 times more effective than bleach…and safer. The healthiest popcorn you can find. Greg Stoller interviews Steven Bock and Patrick Planche, Co-Founders of Swaponz; Ishay Grinberg CEO of Rental Beast; Sandy Posa; CEO of HCI/Force of Nature; Julie Lapham; General Manager of Popzup.



Financial planning – LOB 028

The difference between acquiring wealth and making it last through your retirement years. You can get financial advise from a money manager…or a banker. But what if the money manager works for the bank? Who are you really dealing with? What does beekeeping have to do with financial advice? Greg Stoller talks with Scott Stathis, CEO of Stathis Partners; David Macchia, CEO of Wealth2K; JP Pontbriand, Portfolio Manager of Salem Five Financial; Sean Tesoro, President of Salem Five Financial; Communications Consultant Jennifer Powell of Excellent Writers.

Language of Business goes to Israel – LOB 027

You have a successful startup, then sell it…but continue to work for the new owners. Owning a company in Israel but with 100% of your customers in other countries. A financial investment business lets you in on how they decide where to invest. On this episode The Language of Business travels to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Greg Stoller interviews Raphael Ouzan, CEO of Billguard/Prosper Daily, Ido Sella, CTO of ECOncrete; Stacy Fassberg, CMO of Acumeny and Nachshon Pincu, CEO of Acumeny.

Seasonal Business – LOB 026

Summertime and business is great…if summer is high season for your business. What does a seasonal business do in the offseason? Language of Business host Greg Stoller interviews Jeff Hacker, Owner of Camp Cedar in Casco ME; US Olympian skier Pam Fletcher and brother Alan Fletcher, Marketing Director and Owner of Nashoba Valley Ski Area; Cindy Brown, CEO of Boston Duck Tours; Josh Misiph, President of the National Tailgating Association.

Evaluating risk – LOB 009

Every business idea carries a certain amount of risk. How much do you tell your investor about the risk? How do people in the energy industry deal with risk? Do analysts and investors react the same way when it comes to risk? What about the risks in keeping five-generation family business in the black, year after year? In this episode of The Language of Business, host Greg Stoller talks with experts in each area. Guests are Bill Contente of Gesmer Updegrove LLP, Bob Goodoff of Sewa View Advisors, Christopher Mirabile of LaunchPad Venture Group and Scott Allen of MS Walker.

Starting from scratch – LOB 025

At first, it wasn’t working. Then a web site reboot quadrupled the business. Managing a lawsuit on the cloud…when you’re not even a lawyer. Video games that are fun for your kids, and help them stay healthy. You’re ready to say, “let’s do this” for your weekend pickup game…but you don’t have a gym to use. Here’s someone to call. The Language of Business Podcast looks at businesses starting from scratch. Greg Stoller’s guests are Jeannine O’Neil, Founder of JO Social Branding; Cash Butler, CEO of Clarilegal; Nikita Virani, CEO of Wizdy; Michael Scheffler, CEO of Spaces to Go.

Women on corporate boards…there are way too few – LOB 024

You’re sitting in the corporate conference room…and you’re the only woman at the table. Nationwide, women have only 20% of the seats on corporate boards. How much can a CEO control who’s on the board? A business designed to change corporate culture in other businesses. In episode 24 Greg Stoller discusses the state of women on boards with Kathy Cuocolo, Financial Sector Board Director; Patricia Flynn, Professor at Bentley University; Bob Rivers, CEO of Eastern Bank; Stephanie Sonnabend, CEO of 2020 Women on Boards.

Small businesses that made it – LOB 023

A reversal of the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” The little bookstore around the corner fought a challenge from a big box store…and won. She went from a one-woman brokerage to managing 700 million dollars in investments. Actually getting the keys to a candy store – your own. Greg Stoller interviews Dana Brigham, Co-Owner of Brookline Booksmith; Debra Brede, CEO of DK Brede Investment Management; Linda Gilman, owner of Indulge!

People care about Made in America – LOB 022

How a shirtmaker can afford to pay $12 an hour when workers in China are making $2.50 a day. Keeping “the girls” in place and comfortable. How much sun do you need? Here’s how you can tell. A manufacturer who has made suits for every POTUS since Lincoln…and they speak 15 languages in the factory. All of it made in America. Greg Stoller interviews Bob Kidder, President of New England Shirt Company; Melanie Berger, Founder of Mariwear; Ed Likovitch, CEO of GoodLux Technology; John Martynec, CEO of Southwick, makers of Brooks Brothers suits.