The business of medical devices – LOB 039

Medical devices – not making them, buying and selling them. How does a knee replacement work? And who makes it? Growing a body part from your own body. It’s called regenerative medicine. Plus, how doctors can check your  cardiac rhythm on the cloud.

The Language of Business takes a deep dive into the world of medical devices. Greg Stoller talks with Nancy Briefs, CEO of InfoBionic; Bruce Blessington, medical device company executive; Jonathan Lieber, CFO of Histogenics; William Edelman, medical device executive.


The business of dentistry – LOB 038

Taking pride in watching your best customer throw away your best product. When a dentist is designing a new office…who decides how to fill the cavity of space? The demographics of dentistry are changing: 50% of students entering dental school are female. Planning 5 years ahead for the well-being of your dentist…and your teeth. Getting your teeth cleaned sonically in only 30 seconds.

The Language of Business drills down into the business of dentistry. Greg Stoller talks with Paul Paisner, President of Door to Door Dental; Eddie Coppelman, President of C Square Construction; Ray Martin, President of the Massachusetts Dental Society; Jeffrey Lowenstein, Orthodontist and Massachusetts Dental Society Board Trustee; Oliver Chu, Founder of uSonik Inc.


Angel investing – LOB 037

The MLB Playoffs are here. Predict the outcome of every at-bat online, and don’t pay anything to play. Does 10% success mean getting 1 out of 10 right, or getting 10 out of 100 right? How does an Angel Investor find you? You go looking, that’s how. Solving a 60 year-old cocktail party problem: keeping background noises out and the conversation easy to hear.

The Language of Business looks up to learn about Amgel Investing. Greg Stoller talks with David Caruso (no, not the CSI: Miami guy), COO of Fanzcall Media; Ben Littauer, management consultant and Angel Investor; Gus Lawlor, Managing director of HealthCare Ventures; Kevin Short, CTO and Jochen Meissner, CEO of Setem Technologies


Multigeneration family-owned business – LOB 036

How do you get the kids to join your multigeneration family-owned business when it’s not a business they’d necessarily be thinking about as a career? Like a folding box company. A 1904 bicycle parts company that now makes air-cooled engines. A printed circuit board company that turned into a spa. Imagine going to work and making flattened radiator fins.

Greg Stoller talks with Anthony DiRico of Hub Folding Box Company; Michelle Boissoneau-DuPont of Lake Opechee Inn and Spa; John Stephenson of WJ Connell; Ted Stikeleather of IBC Corporation as the Language of Business looks at family-owned businesses.

Language of Business visits France – LOB 035

The Language of Business travels to France to look at the business climate there. Greg Stoller talks with Bruno Sejourne, Director of ESEMAP; Catherine Deffains-Crapsky, Associate Professor of Finance; Louis-Matar Gueye, student…all at the University of Angers.



MassChallenge – LOB 034

The Language of Business takes a deep dive into the world of MassChallenge, the job creation engine in Boston that became an incubator, then an accelerator. Then went global.

You’ve heard about autonomous cars…what about autonomous boats? Ever find yourself agreeing to split the cost of something…but never collecting the other half? There’s an easy solution. What’s the key to success: being smart, being lucky, or mentorship? Greg Stoller talks with Mike LaRhette, President of MassChallenge; Scott Bailey, Managimg Director of MassChallenge Boston; Alex Lorman, CTO of Sea Machines; Michael Sattler, President of Splitzee; Michael Gresty, CEO of Rifiniti, Inc.

Using PR firms – LOB 033

The Language of Business looks at using PR firms. Can doing your own public relations on social media work? In the middle of a business crisis, what do you do first? How quickly do you have to react? What if the story is fake news? How quickly do people forgive you when you tell the truth about a mistake? On this episode Greg Stoller talks with Brett Carney, CEO of Carney Communications; Janey Bishoff, CEO of Bishoff Communications; John Houle, CEO of JH Communications.

University entrepreneurship – LOB 032

University students with their own startups while still in school. Greg Stoller talks with Jehan Hamedi, CEO of Adhark, the only company that can produce data-driven marketing analytics; Michael Schraeder, CEO of Vaxcess Technologies, the startup that figured out how to make vaccines you don’t need to refrigerate; Kate Aiken and Devin McMahon, Co-Founders of Lily Pad, the new menstrual pad technology; Aiden McLaughlin of at Olin College of Engineering, solving engineering problems from a business perspective.


Nonprofits helping students – LOB 031

A way for kids from low income families to get cool back-to-school clothes…for free. 50% of college students have low credit scores due to student loans. Here’s some timely help. College students returning from the service can get free dorm housing at an Ivy. A network that helps families with sick kids make the best of it in the worst of times.

The Language of Business looks at non-profits that help students. Greg Stoller talks with Mickey Cockrell, Executive Director of
Catie’s Closet
; Paul Combe, CEO of American Student Assistance; Robert Chambers, Co-Founder of Project Vet Care; Blythe Lord, Founder of Courageous Parents Network.

Restaurant profitability – LOB 030

50% of new restaurants wind up closing. That also means 50% succeed and stay open. The Language of Business looks at four different restaurants – a national chain, a mom and pop shop, a place two high school friends opened in the middle of the great recession, and a fine dining spot run by someone who’d rather be carving a pig than checking the books. These interviews were done a couple of years ago for the TV version of The Language of Business. Of these four restaurants, two are still open. Can you guess which two?

Greg Stoller talks with Rafael Barbosa, CFO of Fire + Ice in Boston, Anaheim and Lake Tahoe CA; Steve and Karen Waller, Co-Owners of Center Cafe in Needham, MA; John Akar and Gregg Sessler, Co-Owners of Cava Tapas and Wine Bar in Portsmouth NH; Jeffrey Fournier, Chef and Owner of 51 Lincoln in Newton MA.