Monthly Archives: June 2018

Small businesses that made it – LOB 023

A reversal of the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” The little bookstore around the corner fought a challenge from a big box store…and won. She went from a one-woman brokerage to managing 700 million dollars in investments. Actually getting the keys to a candy store – your own.

Greg Stoller interviews Dana Brigham, Co-Owner of Brookline Booksmith; Debra Brede, CEO of DK Brede Investment Management; Linda Gilman, owner of Indulge!

People care about Made in America – LOB 022

How a shirtmaker can afford to pay $12 an hour when workers in China are making $2.50 a day. Keeping “the girls” in place and comfortable. How much sun do you need? Here’s how you can tell. A manufacturer who has made suits for every POTUS since Lincoln…and they speak 15 languages in the factory. All of it made in America. Greg Stoller interviews Bob Kidder, President of New England Shirt Company; Melanie Berger, Founder of Mariwear; Ed Likovitch, CEO of GoodLux Technology; John Martynec, CEO of Southwick, makers of Brooks Brothers suits.


How big is your digital stack? – LOB 074

How big is your digital stack? What do people say about you when you leave the room? Finding the special “P1” customer. What are nonprofits willing to pay you when you give them ROI? The difference between regular marketing and digital marketing.

The Language of Business looks at digital marketing.  Greg Stoller talks with Anita Breardon,Cabinet M; Dan Sullivan, CEO of Crowdley; Julia Campbell, CEO of JC Social Marketimg; Manny Veiga, Content Manager, March Communications.

Business Pivots – LOB 021

Business pivots. When the technology you’re using is no longer the best out there…how do you fix that? An interactive storefront display that works even when the store is closed. A craft brewery named for an island in South Boston that isn’t really an island, and the beer isn’t brewed there anyway. But it has a great name. And how do you choose a memorable name for your company? Pick one that’s fun to say. Greg Stoller interviews David Teplow, CEO of Integra Technology; Oleg Vyadro, CEO of Imagesurge; Adam Romanow, President of Castle Island Brewing Co; Scott Hunter, CEO of Vedavoo Better American Gear.