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Shake hands, kiss or bow? – LOB 063

Shake hands, kiss or bow?

The appropriate hello depends on where you are. Translating Korean into Norwegian…and not getting it lost in translation. From the Netherlands to New Hampshire…The Language of Business looks at learning to play nicely in the international sandbox.

Host Greg Stoller talks with Wendy Pease, Owner/Executive Director of Rapport International; Lance Shaw, Director of Product Marketing at Commvault; Kaarina Kvaavik, Managing Partner of Language I/O.

The episode title was inspired by the Terri Morrison book series Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands.

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Get the right people on the bus, and know when to get off the bus – LOB 062

There are no guarantees in business. To be successful, you have to get the right people on the bus, and sitting in the right seat. And you have to know when to get off the bus. You have to know how to research and market your product, and recognize when it’s not working.

The Language of Business looks at hiring, managing, transitioning and knowing when it’s time to leave. Host Greg Stoller talks with Mike Dreitzer, President of Ainsworth Game Rechnology; Bonnie Fendrock, Life Sciences Director at Red Sky Partners; Chuck Stravin, CEO of Mesa Home Products.

ABC’s of finance – LOB 061

VC, PE, IPO, ROE, CMO? The Language of Business looks at the ABC’s of finance.

Your new startup idea. You’re ready to pull the trigger, but how do you fund it? Venture Capital? Private Equity? A bank loan? What does a hedge fund do? What does a mutual fund do? What’s Large cap vs. small cap? On this episode we decode the ABC’s of finance.

Host Greg Stoller talk with Christopher Hennessey, Associate Professor of Law at Babson College; Steve Segal, Founding Partner At JW Childs Associates; Larry Gennari, Partner at Gennari Aronson; Barry Sloan, CEO of Century Bank.


The state of women on corporate boards – LOB 060

On International Women’s Day we look back at our episode about women on vor[orate boards.

You’re sitting in the corporate conference room…and you’re the only woman at the table. Nationwide, women have only 20% of the seats on corporate boards. How much can a CEO control who’s on the board? A business designed to change corporate culture in other businesses.

In this episode The Language of Business looks at the state of women on boards. Host Greg Stoller talks with Kathy Cuocolo, Financial Sector Board Director; Patricia Flynn, Professor at Bentley University; Bob Rivers, CEO of Eastern Bank; Stephanie Sonnabend, CEO of 2020 Women on Boards.

Chinese home buyers in the US…paying big bucks in cash – LOB 059

Why are so many people in China buying houses in the US…and paying cash? Plus, an immigrant from the Czech Republic who came to America as an Au Pair and wound up becoming a lawyer and investor tells us where would she invest today. And where she wouldn’t.  And a software program from Singapore can help kids learn to play a musical instrument…and stick with it.

The Language of Business looks at US commerce stories from across the globe. Host Greg Stoller talks with Derek Wong of V&E Realty in Quincy MA, specialists in Chinese home buyers; Marie Hladikova, Export Control Director at Boston University; Titus Yong of Ingenio in Singapore.