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ABC’s of finance – LOB 061

VC, PE, IPO, ROE, CMO? The Language of Business looks at the ABC’s of finance.

Your new startup idea. You’re ready to pull the trigger, but how do you fund it? Venture Capital? Private Equity? A bank loan? What does a hedge fund do? What does a mutual fund do? What’s Large cap vs. small cap? On this episode we decode the ABC’s of finance.

Host Greg Stoller talk with Christopher Hennessey, Associate Professor of Law at Babson College; Steve Segal, Founding Partner At JW Childs Associates; Larry Gennari, Partner at Gennari Aronson; Barry Sloan, CEO of Century Bank.


Angel investing – LOB 037

The MLB Playoffs are here. Predict the outcome of every at-bat online, and don’t pay anything to play. Does 10% success mean getting 1 out of 10 right, or getting 10 out of 100 right? How does an Angel Investor find you? You go looking, that’s how. Solving a 60 year-old cocktail party problem: keeping background noises out and the conversation easy to hear.

The Language of Business looks up to learn about Amgel Investing. Greg Stoller talks with David Caruso (no, not the CSI: Miami guy), COO of Fanzcall Media; Ben Littauer, management consultant and Angel Investor; Gus Lawlor, Managing director of HealthCare Ventures; Kevin Short, CTO and Jochen Meissner, CEO of Setem Technologies