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To the left, to the left – LOB 064

Business pivots. When the technology you’re using is no longer the best out there…how do you fix that?

The Language of Business looks at a craft brewery named for an island in South Boston that isn’t really an island, and the beer isn’t brewed there anyway. But it has a great name. And how do you choose a memorable name for your company? Pick one that’s fun to say.

Host Greg Stoller talks with Adam Romanow, President of Castle Island Brewing Company; David Teplow, CEO of Integra Technology; Scott Hunter, CEO of Vedavoo Better American Gear<//a>.


Kiss, bow or shake hands? Getting the international culture correctly – LOB 020

Kiss, bow or shake hands? The appropriate hello depends on where you are. Learn how to play nicely in the international sandbox. Translating Korean into Norwegian…and getting it right. From the Netherlands to New Hampshire…not getting lost in translation. Greg Stoller‘s guests are Wendy Pease, Owner/Executive Director of Rapport International; Lance Shaw, Director of Product Marketing at Commvault; Kaarina Kvaavik, Managing Partner of Language I/O; Lucia Kash, Director of Business Development at Language I/O. The episode title comes from the book by Terry Morrison: Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands.