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The 60-year-old cocktail party problem solved. Thanks, Angel – LOB 071

Solving a 60-year-old cocktail party problem: keeping background noises out and the conversation easy to hear. Two men from UNH did it…thanks to an Angel investor. Does an Angel think 10% success means getting 1 out of 10 right…or getting 10 out of 100 right? You’d like an Angel investor? How does an Angel find you? You go looking, that’s how.

The Language of Business looks up to learn about Angel Investing. Host Greg Stoller talks with Kevin Short, CTO and Jochen Meissner, CEO of Setem Technologies, part of Xmos;
Ben Littauer, management consultant and Angel Investor; Gus Lawlor, Managing director of HealthCare Ventures.


Where do you find an investor? – LOB 052

You’re an entrepreneur looking for an investor. Do you go Angel, PE or VC? How does a family-owned small business wind up acting like a bank?

On this episode, The Langauge of Business looks at where entrepreneurs look for an investor. Host Greg Stoller talks with Venture Capitalist Don Nelson, Managing Director, Harken Capital Securities, about the size of return he’s looking for; Ben Littauer, Angel Investor, who also is a mentor to entrepreneurs and discusses the kind of return he expects; Dan Weller of Weller Carpets, a three-generation family-owned small business that acts like a bank to control cash flow.