MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference – LOB 114

Your game tickets are worthless. There are no games to watch. The entire sports world is on hold…but that doesn’t mean no one is talking about it. The Language of Business goes to the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston to meet three teams on the Startup Competition. And one of them winds up a winner!

Host Greg Stoller talks with Jonathan Day, CEO and Founder of Uncaged Sports, an app that can improve your batting stance and swing and your pitching mechanics; Laila Zemrani, CEO of Fitnesity, developers of at-home health diagnostics and checkups; Quinton Porter, former Quarterback at Boston College and US Manager of Pico-Get Personal, an international company that can turn an anonymous fan into a P-1 customer; Jason Rehhaut, MIT MBA candidate and Co-lead Organizer of the Co-Lead Organizer of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

Greg Stoller, Host

Jonathan Day, CEO, Uncaged Sports

Laila Zemrani, CEO Fitnescity

Quinton Porter, US Manager, Pico-Get Personal

Jason Rehhaut, Co-lead for SSAC

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