Global commerce with a local twist – LOB 015

Why are so many people in China buying houses in the US…and paying cash? An immigrant from the Czech Republic came to America as an Au Pair and wound up becoming a lawyer and investor. Where would she invest today? A software program from Singapore can help kids learn to play a musical instrument…and stick with it. Plus, the first company in Palestine to do business with the US…and with Israel. ¬†Commerce stories from across the globe .Greg Stoller talks with Derek Wong of V&E Real Estate; Marie Hladikova, Export Control Director at Boston University; Titus Young of Ingenio, Singapore; Ziad Anabtawi of the Anabtawi Group, Palestine.

No guarantees. Get the right people on the bus, in the right seat, who know when to get off the bus. – LOB 14

There are no guarantees in business. You have to get the right people on the bus, and sitting in the right seat. You have to know when to get off the bus. You have to know how to research and market your product and recognize when it’s not working. You have to know when to get out. Greg Stoller talks with four experts on hiring, marketing, transitioning and running a business when your name is on the door. Guests are Mike Dreitzer, President, Ainsworth Game Technology; Bonnie Fendrock, Life Sciences Executive; Chuck Stravin, CEO of Mesa Home Products; Andrew Weiner of Catering by Andrew.

You’re talking, but do they know what you’re saying? – LOB 13

Effective communication is always crucial – especially in business. In Episode 13 of The Language of Business host Greg Stoller talks with three experts in effective business communication; Melanie Calzetti-Spahr, specialist in listening skills; Bill Kenney, CEO of Test My Pitch; Marjorie Whittaker of The Whittaker Group, specialist in accent modification.

Networking: you’d better do it to get your business going – LOB 012

Network, network, network. Everyone will tell you, when you’re starting a business, you absolutely have to network. Greg Stoller talks with three networkers with different expertise: Juliette Mayers, CEO of Inspiration Zone; Steve Snyder of Gesmer Updegrove, LLP: Diane Darling, one of the original networkers featured in the Wall Street Journal; Henry Mitteleman, self-described un-networker and author of “Unstuck for Good.”

Using Consultants – LOB 11

They say a consultant is like a seagull. They fly in, eat something, poop all over everyone, then fly out. But consultants can be invaluable to a wide range of businesses. Greg Stoller talks with the consultant who saved the airline industry, with a specialist in recruitment, a consultant who can fix your computer from his home, and a specialist in making the plans for the big party into a turnkey operation. Guests are John Thomas of LEK Consulting, Julie Marcus of Information & Marketing Intelligence, Sean Sanker of Bay State IT, Adam Averback of Part Excitement Entertainment.

When to sell: Now? Later? Ever? Exit Strategies – LOB – 010

With a new business it’s always a struggle at first. Then you succeed. How do you know when it’s time to sell? Now? Down the road? Never? Host Greg Stoller talks with four experts on building a company and considering an exit strategy. Guests are CEO for Emerging Growth Companies John Lieber, Furquan Nazeeri of ExtensionEngine LLP, Robb May of Backupify and Ryan Trager of Achvr.

Evaluating risk – LOB 009

Every business idea carries a certain amount of risk. How much do you tell your investor about the risk? How do people in the energy industry deal with risk? Do analysts and investors react the same way when it comes to risk? What about the risks in keeping five-generation family business in the black, year after year? In this episode of The Language of Business, host Greg Stoller talks with experts in each area. Guests are Bill Contente of Gesmer Updegrove LLP, Bob Goodoff of Sewa View Advisors, Christopher Mirabile of LaunchPad Venture Group and Scott Allen of MS Walker..

Writing a Business Plan…oh, and doing a Competitive Analysis – LOB 002

You’re an entrepreneur ready to start pitching your new business…but first you need to write your Business Plan and do a Competitive Analysis. MBA professor Greg Stoller talks with three experts on preparing a Business Plan, testing your pitch before you pitch, and using bullet points to make the plan easy to follow.

Entrepreneur looking for an investor – LOB 008

Are you an entrepreneur looking for an investor? Do you go Angel or VC? How does a family-owned small business wind up acting like a bank? On this episode of The Language of Business host Greg Stoller talks with a Venture Capitalist about the size of return he’s looking for…an Angel investor who also is a mentor to entrepreneurs and the kind of return he expects…and a three-generation family-owned small business that acts like a bank to control cash flow.


Entrepreneurs dealing with lawyers…how to come out on top – LOB 007

Language of Business Host Greg Stoller talks with three experts on small business dealing with lawyers: a specialist who helps a startup get it right, another who understands what makes entrepreneurs tick, another who knows how a company will handle a whistleblower, and another who shares ideas on how an entrepreneur can deal effectively with a lawyer.