Building an international sales team – LOB 005

The world is a huge marketplace. Learn how to get and keep customers in Asia, England and around the world. Host Greg Stoller talks with a Japanese entrepreneur who consults Americans on how to conduct business there, an American businessman outsourcing work overseas with ideas on how to really make that work, and a business owner who consults overseas companies on how to do business in the US.

Building and motivating your team – LOB 004

You’re planning that new startup. How do you build a strong management team? How do you measure their success? How do you convince investors that you have the right idea and the right people? In this episode, MBA professor host Greg Stoller talks with a Venture Capitalist about what investors are looking for in a management team: an A-rated management team with a B-rated venture, or an A-rated venture with a B-rated management team. Plus, we’ll get insights from a head of HR about how to motivate employees from the C level to support staff, and an IT specialist on new software that can help your sales team make more money.

Starting a new business? How much do you know about your customer? LOB 003

You’re an entrepreneur working on the plan for your new business. How much do you know about your customer? Are you marketing in the right places? Do you change your plans on the fly, or trust your gut?  MBA professor Greg Stoller talks with three experts on planning and marketing a new business.

Writing your Business Plan…oh, and doing a Competitive Analysis LOB 002

You’re an entrepreneur ready to start pitching your new business…but first you need to write your Business Plan and do a Competitive Analysis. MBA professor Greg Stoller talks with three experts on preparing a Business Plan, testing your pitch before you pitch, and using bullet points to make the plan easy to follow.

Do you need a Business Plan? LOB 001

When doing a startup, do you need a full-fledged 50-page written Business Plan or will a “back of the napkin” approach work just as well? MBA Professor Greg Stoller interviews three entrepreneurs, each with a different take on the need for a Business Plan.