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When a business crisis hits – LOB 070

When a crisis hits your business…what do you do first? How quickly do you have to react? What if the story is fake news? Do people forgive you when you tell the truth about a mistake?

In this episode, The Language of Business looks at using PR firms. Host Greg Stoller talks with John Houle, CEO of JH Communications; Janey Bishoff, CEO of Bishoff Communications; Brett Carney, CEO of Carney Communications.


A new idea that works – LOB 069

She started a business from scratch…and at first, it wasn’t working. Then a web site reboot quadrupled the business. Plus, managing a lawsuit on the cloud…when you’re not even a lawyer. And video games that are fun for your kids, and help them stay healthy.

The Language of Business Podcast looks at businesses starting from scratch with a new idea that winds up working. Host Greg Stoller talks with Jeannine O’Neil, Founder of JO Social Branding; Cash Butler, CEO of ClariLegal; Nikita Virani, CEO of Wizdy Games.


How restaurants old and new make money – LOB 068

The restaurant business isn’t easy. 90% of new ones fail. But that also means some succeed. Here are a few success stories as The Language of Business looks at restaurant profitability.

Host Greg Stoller interviews three different restaurateurs: Rafael Barbosa, CEO for Fire+Ice Interactive Grill & Bar in Boston’s Back Bay; John Akar and Greg Sessler, Co-owners of Cava Tapas and Wine Bar in Portsmouth, NH; Andrew Weiner, Owner of Catering by Andrew in Brookline, MA.

Cold open “Olympia Deli” clip courtesy of NBC Saturday Night Live (1975).


The movie You’ve Got Mail…reversed – LOB 067

A reversal of the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” The little bookstore around the corner fought a challenge from a big box store…and won. She went from a one-woman brokerage to managing 700 million dollars in investments. Actually getting the keys to a candy store – your own.

The Language of Business looks at small businesses that made it. Host Greg Stoller interviews Dana Brigham, retired Co-Owner of Brookline Booksmith; Debra Brede, CEO of DK Brede Investment Management; Linda Gilman, owner of Indulge!

Fashion and more from young women entrepreneurs – LOB 066

The Language of Business looks at fashion and more…designed by young women entrepreneurs.

Host Greg Stoller talks with Ambika Singh, CEO of Armoire-fashion for the boss lady; Melanie Berger, CEO of Mariwear Braless Comfort; Kate Aiken and Devin McMahon, Co-Founders of Lilli Pads, the new organic menstrual pad technology.

Greg Stoller

Ambika Singh

Melanie Berger

Kate Aiken

Devin McMahon


Made in the USA – LOB 065

How a shirtmaker can afford to pay $12 an hour when workers in China are making $2.50 a day. How much sun do you need? Here’s an app that can let you know. A manufacturer who has made suits for every POTUS since Lincoln…with so many immigrant workers they speak 15 languages in the factory. The Language of Business looks at products Made in the USA. Host Greg Stoller talks with Bob Kidder, President of New England Shirt Company; ar; Ed Likovitch, CEO of Goodlux Technology, makers of Sunsprite; John Martynec, CEO of Southwick, makers of Brooks Brothers suits.


To the left, to the left – LOB 064

Business pivots. When the technology you’re using is no longer the best out there…how do you fix that?

The Language of Business looks at a craft brewery named for an island in South Boston that isn’t really an island, and the beer isn’t brewed there anyway. But it has a great name. And how do you choose a memorable name for your company? Pick one that’s fun to say.

Host Greg Stoller talks with Adam Romanow, President of Castle Island Brewing Company; David Teplow, CEO of Integra Technology; Scott Hunter, CEO of Vedavoo Better American Gear<//a>.


Shake hands, kiss or bow? – LOB 063

Shake hands, kiss or bow?

The appropriate hello depends on where you are. Translating Korean into Norwegian…and not getting it lost in translation. From the Netherlands to New Hampshire…The Language of Business looks at learning to play nicely in the international sandbox.

Host Greg Stoller talks with Wendy Pease, Owner/Executive Director of Rapport International; Lance Shaw, Director of Product Marketing at Commvault; Kaarina Kvaavik, Managing Partner of Language I/O.

The episode title was inspired by the Terri Morrison book series Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands.

Click to buy any or all of 6 different versions of the book.

Click here for The Story Behind Her Success Podcast with Candy O’Terry.


Get the right people on the bus, and know when to get off the bus – LOB 062

There are no guarantees in business. To be successful, you have to get the right people on the bus, and sitting in the right seat. And you have to know when to get off the bus. You have to know how to research and market your product, and recognize when it’s not working.

The Language of Business looks at hiring, managing, transitioning and knowing when it’s time to leave. Host Greg Stoller talks with Mike Dreitzer, President of Ainsworth Game Rechnology; Bonnie Fendrock, Life Sciences Director at Red Sky Partners; Chuck Stravin, CEO of Mesa Home Products.

ABC’s of finance – LOB 061

VC, PE, IPO, ROE, CMO? The Language of Business looks at the ABC’s of finance.

Your new startup idea. You’re ready to pull the trigger, but how do you fund it? Venture Capital? Private Equity? A bank loan? What does a hedge fund do? What does a mutual fund do? What’s Large cap vs. small cap? On this episode we decode the ABC’s of finance.

Host Greg Stoller talk with Christopher Hennessey, Associate Professor of Law at Babson College; Steve Segal, Founding Partner At JW Childs Associates; Larry Gennari, Partner at Gennari Aronson; Barry Sloan, CEO of Century Bank.